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Storm Damage Repair Eugene Oregon


Storm Damage Restoration - Eugene, OR

Storm damage can come in many forms, wind, hail, snow, flooding & falling trees are all unexpected events provided by Mother Nature. Ehlers is ready to assist our customers with remediation when this does happen. Our crews are on call 24 hours a day to respond efficiently and quickly to all events.

Do you have tree that’s fallen and is poking through your living room ceiling? We have experience in removing the tree from your home or business and tarping the holes to prevent further damage from the elements. We will document with pictures the damage to provide in insurance claims. Ehlers trained crews can help identify structural problems, and can make all needed repairs to return the home or business to like new condition.

Snow and Ice storms are becoming more common each winter in Eugene. Heavy snow and ice can cause a multitude of problems, including leaky roofs, ground water intrusion, and freezing pipes. It is essential to act quickly to reduce the risk of extended damage. Our crews are available 24 hours a day during these catastrophic events for emergency response. We can repair frozen pipes, sweep and tarp roofs to prevent leaking, and provide equipment to dry spaces out that have been affected by water.