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Vehicle Damage Repairs

Vehicle Damage Restoration Eugene


Vehicle Property Damage Repairs in Eugene, OR

Car Accident Property Damage Restoration Services

When a vehicle hits your home or business it can be a scary situation for everyone involved. For Ehlers Construction we can help make it manageable. Ehlers workers are trained to assist to secure your property and valuables. Once the vehicle is removed from the scene, we are available to perform emergency services including: board-up, temporary structural repairs, glass and debris clean-up and moving contents. Emergency board-up is essential to maintain security on the property. Safety is a number one concern when it comes to vehicle damages. Structural members can move and create a safety hazard. Ehlers can provide temporary repairs to maintain the structural integrity of the building until actual repairs can be made. During almost all vehicle accidents, there will be glass and other debris scattered around the area. Whether it be your home or business this can also create a safety hazard for children, elderly, & customers. Ehlers will clean all areas of glass or debris to keep your daily activities intact. After the space is secure and void of safety hazards, Ehlers will assist with moving any personal property away from the impact. This will help ensure the life of your personal items and keep them in a usable state for the future. Once repairs are complete we will move all your property back into place.