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Did a Storm or Flood Cause Severe Water Damage to Your Home or Business?

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Water damage comes in many forms and can be caused by a multitude of events. Ehlers Construction has experience in all different water damage scenarios. This experience is a must when assessing the situation and making sure the proper steps are followed to get your space dried out and back to a usable condition. We use the latest scientific applications to determine the best drying techniques and equipment to be used. It is critical to identify the type and source of water and the affected areas, this will help minimize any additional damage that can be caused from the water. Once the cause of the water is eliminated, a plan of action is then decided upon. If water extraction is needed our water van will be on sight to remove any standing water in the area. Depending on the extent of the water damage, tear out of wet materials may need to take place. This will include any wet flooring, drywall, cabinets, and trims. Once extraction and tear out is done, specialized air movers and high powered dehumidifiers will be strategically placed to dry the area as thoroughly and quickly as possible. All this is monitored and documented to ensure complete water elimination. Due to the wet climate in Oregon, Ehlers also provides a plant based anti-microbial that can be sprayed on any damaged areas to prevent mold growth. If you experience a water damage, Ehlers is here to help with mitigation.